Your Top Claims of Value

Saeger Marketing offers a simple plan to engage your customers using a scientific method that works.

We apply Step-by-Step breakthrough marketing to uncover your Top Claims of Value and make those claims believable.

Attend one Unique Value Workshop to start the process. We will deliver compelling base-line messaging to communicate the value of your product, service and company. We make marketing simple.

Emotional Messaging Attracts Leads

Words are the currency of marketing, Saeger Marketing arms you with words and images to attract customers and communicate compelling value. Emotional messaging that drives your customers to take action. Creative vision that sparks the imagination.

We believe in Collaboration – You know your business - we know marketing. Let's amplify your message and simplify the conversation with your customers.

Build an Unforgettable Brand

Your brand is the sum of what others think about your company. You can influence your audience with consistent messages that communicate your offer and encourage them to engage.

Your website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pay-Per-Click all work together to strengthen your brand.

Saeger Marketing has experienced resources to help your company rise above the digital noise and be heard.

Speak to Your Audience


We’re not going after all customers, but will divide the market into different kinds of customers referred to as segmentation. Segmenting provides the group of customers we want to compete for.


We will target the selected segmentation with specific content and messaging. For example, your vertical industries will require relevant content to engage them.


We will separate your offering, your product and your services from the competition by positioning. It is positioning that lives in the customer’s mind. Creating the Unique Value Proposition is the first step in this process.