• Diane Saeger

Take the Leap to Great Marketing

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As this is our first post, it’s all about new beginnings. Why is it so hard to take the leap – in business or our personal lives – when we know that without change we cannot have success in either? The power (and necessity) of change as a force of growth is one of the most common themes in business writing. We’ve all seen posters of famous quotes from Gandhi and articles by Richard Branson, so if the message that change is necessary for us to be successful as people and in business, the question remains:

Why is it so hard to take that first step?

Some might say that we lack the mindfulness to focus on making concrete changes as our lives are flooded with distractions from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep in our always-on, smartphone connected lives. We ignore our dreams and gut feelings to move to a new city, go back to school, or text that guy from the coffee shop because we are too distracted to really focus on what we want. However, I think the answer is much simpler: we are held back from the future we desire by our fear.

The first step is the hardest, but if you trust yourself to take it, the second step will come, and then the third, and before you know it you’ll look back at the cliff you leapt from and wonder why you ever thought of staying up there.

Changing the ways we think about business practices that have been in place for decades can be just as hard (or harder) than changing our personal habits, so is starting a new business…but the view after the leap is worth fighting the fear.

Fear of taking the first step, or not being quite sure what that step should be, are reasons that I’ve seen businesses struggling wanting to change and grow marketing programs, but just not getting there. Sometimes it takes having someone you trust by your side to jump with you.

What has held you back from making change? What have been your successes?